Technical Writing, eBooks & Research Papers

Technical Writing, eBooks and Extended Researched White Papers

$500 and !Wr!teNo!se! writer maintains authorship, $750 for ownership rights

(5,000 words is approx 75 pages of 100 words per page)

The following industries are those of which the author has been employed by an organization operating within them. With much gratitude, I received a wealth of knowledge from each entity that has allowed me a continued role with them through my writing and developing high-quality content derived from having had the up close and hands on experience that provides for a much more honest and transparent tone of writing that tells the audience it was written by an industry professional.

As such, RFQ’s for content within these industries are treated with great attention and are highly welcomed. I am anxious for these jobs because they afford me the opportunity to reach out to old water cooler katsĀ from the past who continue to commit their talents to the industry.

It gives me a reason to pop in for a Cuban Coffee in Miami around 3:30pm!


  • Information Technology & Managed IT Services
  • Corporate Strategy, Systems, Processes, Manuals, & Job Descriptions
  • Governmental Affairs, Resource Development, & Community Relations
  • Higher Education, Career Development, Entrepreneurship, & Salesmanship
  • Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, FDA, NDA, & Pharmacology
  • Social Services, Developmental Disabilities, & Advocacy
  • Personal Services (Obamacare, Student Loans, Credit, etc.)