Web Content, Blogs & Articles

Articles, Web/Blog Content, White Papers, Product & Reviews/Descriptions

Articles and Blog Posts are generally 300-500, 500-700, 700-1,000 words in length, with 3-5 headlines within the piece for readability, and at least 2 links to outside material or material within the website of the blog.

White papers are between 1,200 and 2,000 words in length and amount to about 3-6 pages of content including referenced citations. Web content generally ranges from about 400-1,000 words.

!Wr!teNo!se! purchased content will contain these minimums, adding SEO based on your own keyword research to improve page rank and organic search when premium rate for such is purchased.

  • Short Article 400 words $30, (w/SEO) $35
  • Standard Article 600 words $40, (w/SEO) $45
  • Extended Article 1,000 words $70, (w/SEO) $75
  • Product Reviews and Product Descriptions: 100-150 words $15, (w/SEO) $20

SUGGESTED FREQUENCY ON ARTICLE POSTS: 3-5 Articles per day to build presence

An article for your website, or a guest article on another website, is a great way to build your visibility as an expert resource. A standard article is about 500 words, on any topic you choose. Product descriptions are colorful as your photographs, precisely written to appeal to your target consumers. A standard press release is about 400 words. !Wr!teNo!se! content is AP formatted, industry standard, and include attention-getting headlines that are SEO rich (when purchased additionally).


Blog Setup

Blogging is the #1 marketing tool today. With streamlined abilities to apply SEO, SMM, SEM analytics, precise reporting is available at your fingertips once your blog is established. !Wr!teNo!se! does not offer implementation and management of analytic software to your blog, but recommends Google Analytics.  Using analytic software allows you to see how your media (blog posts and articles) gets seen and shared. How much of your media is shared, and by who? This all facilitates knowledge in determining your sales funnel, the low hanging fruit in your client lists.

  • $725 completed w/ 5 pages and 10 posts specified by client
  • (upfront payment $500)